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Benefits of Starting College In The Summer

February 06, 2017

Whether you’re attending Florida State University or New York University, every school offers summer sessions. I would highly recommend attending a summer session the summer before your freshman year because you get a feel for the campus, the light workload provides a great opportunity to have fun and start college with a stellar GPA, you meet many new people, you can hang around fraternities or sororities you are thinking of rushing, and you get out of your house two months early.

When applying for a college you can choose between applying for summer, fall, or spring. If you are unsure, most colleges will let you change the semester you originally chose. I initially applied for fall, but I was talked into changing my application to summer and I am extremely happy that I did.

Summer session is scaled down and only about half of the freshman class along with some mixed in upperclassmen take summer classes. Summer session provides a much smaller setting for someone to get adjusted to college life at a big university. I got a good feel for campus and the city of Tallahassee in the six weeks I was there.

On top of getting adjusted to a new area, all freshmen take a maximum of two classes which gives you plenty of free time and a light workload. My first class did not start until 12:30 and was Monday through Friday and my second class started at 5:15 and was Monday through Thursday. I had time in the morning to sleep in or go to the gym, time in between classes to study and get homework done, and time after class to get ready to go out. I had minimal homework and four tests throughout the semester. I could pretty much go out any night I wanted and get my school work done during the day.

Because you are surrounded by thousands of freshman who are in the same position as you, you make lots of friends very quickly. If you are thinking of rushing, the summer is a great time to experience Greek life and scope out some of the houses. All of the fraternities throw pre-games and parties throughout the summer and it is a great way to introduce yourself to members and shake some hands. If you are worried about giving up your summer vacation to go to school, don’t be. Summer session is the most fun semester of school you will have to date and gives you an extremely realistic chance to get a 4.0.