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Beating the 8am Struggle

November 29, 2017

Although taking an 8 am class in college is not ideal, sometimes your only choice will be to take this unforgivably early class. This semester I had no choice but to take math at 8 in the morning and trust me, trying to make it to this class is not easy. However I do make it to the class by using these tips and tricks on how to beat the 8 am struggle.

First off, it is important to make friends in your early morning class. But not just any kind of friends, reliable friends. If you are anything like me in the morning, then you know that alarms can easily be snoozed and forgotten. That is why having the friends to call you and wake you up in the morning is important. These friends are also important because if you really cannot get out of bed and make it to class, they can give you notes and make sure you do not fall behind.

Second, coffee is your new best friend. Yes, you have to wake up for your 8 am, but you also have to be coherent in class and you need the energy to stay awake and do well. I do not know how I would function in my 8 am without coffee in my hand. Another tip I have for you is to be smart about the alarms you set in the morning. Always set alarms earlier than you actually have to wake up so if you do hit snooze (we all know it is inevitable) you won’t be late and hopefully you will be awake and getting ready in the morning.

Essentially if you really stay motivated and put in the effort to make it to your early morning class you will be able to achieve a good attendance grade. Most people think because they are in college attendance does not count but it is usually a significant part of your final grade. In turn, making it to your 8 am can really and truly benefit you in the long run.