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Attending College Football Games

December 11, 2017

This month I am going to talk about why going to your school’s football games is an extremely important part of your college experience. Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of going to the University of Florida. Both of my parents attended the school, and I grew up watching Gator football games. I also grew up attending at least one Gator football game every year. Some of my fondest childhood memories have come from Gator football games. Whether it was getting Krispy Kreme donuts at 7 in the morning before our tailgate, or watching Tim Tebow play his last game in the Swamp, I always make great memories when I attend Gator football games.

Now I attend the University of Florida and going to football games are still amazing (even though we suck). There is really nothing like a game day at a large football school, especially the University of Florida. I wake up on game day with a sense of urgency and anticipation, just waiting for all of the tailgates to start. When you walk through campus, you see everyone having a great time, and of course, wearing their orange and blue. After all of the tailgates, it is time to go to the game.

Every time the Gators run out of the tunnel while our fight song is playing, I get chills. There is nothing like sitting in the student section and screaming as loud as you can with 90,000 other people, who are screaming just as loud as you. After the third quarter, our band plays “We are the Boys of Old Florida,” and everyone goes shoulder to shoulder, and sings along with each other. At the end of the game, you either get to celebrate a Gator win with your best friends by going to the bars, or if the Gators lose, you get to drown out your sorrows by going to the bars. If you have not been to a college football game yet (no matter how bad your team is), I urge you to try and go; you will not regret it.