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Applying to Colleges

December 18, 2018

Applying to colleges might have been the most stressful time of my life. The uncertainty of what is to come can be terrifying, but lucky for you, there are ways to avoid getting sucked into a routine of stress when it comes to applying. An important tip that I would stick with for the whole college application process would be to stay organized. Whether it’s taking note of the platform the school accepts for its applications, or keeping track of which essay you will be using for each school, it is important to always know where your application information is.

Another tip is to save the information you enter in each application. Even if you are mostly using Common or Coalition (the two most prevalent websites used for college applications) you are going to want to save a lot of the information that you enter as your profile and in the actual application itself. Many applications are filled out through the school’s website, which can make for a lot of repetition of writing information that you’ve already found for other applications. These tips can save you time when it comes to the meticulous aspect of things, but when it comes to the logistics and choosing which schools you want to apply to, things get more difficult.

In my experience, applying to too many colleges is never a good idea. Remember, quality over quantity when it comes to applying for colleges! Sure, applying to a lot of schools may keep your options more open when it comes to choosing where you want to go, but don’t forget applying costs money, and you will be skipping over a lot of quality in your applications if you are rushing to finish your 30 college applications by the deadline. It is always better to take your time on your applications, especially your essay prompts and filling out your high school curriculum, making sure everything is perfect before you submit. Always remember to apply to a safe school, and be realistic about where you apply. If you know you will not get in somewhere and your credentials do not at all meet the requirements for the school, why apply? Not that I don’t think you should be hopeful, but if it is a far stretch and you can admit to yourself that it is, chances are you already know what the decision will be when the college sends out its acceptances. It may be the unpopular and thus gloomy way of looking at things, but it is realistic. Not many people are realistic when it comes to applying, and this can cause a lot of disappointment when it is time for college acceptances. And last but not least, don’t let the college application process get you stressed and depressed! It may be stressful and you may be disappointed, but always hope for the best and ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! A college acceptance does not define you, and you will enjoy your college experience no matter where you end up. If you believe in it you can do it, and though you may be struggling a little bit now, just think about how exciting and fun college will be in less than a year!