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Advice on Taking Summer Classes

Marena here from the University of Central Florida with some advice on taking or not taking Summer classes. So in high school, once Summer hit you were a free bird and it was going to be the best three months of your life! But now that you’re in college and finishing a certain amount of credit hours hopefully within four years becomes your new goal, which might mean Summer school. Truthfully, there are downsides to taking Summer classes like not being able to travel as much, still having homework and school to worry about (during Summer?! yes), and it definitely limits your coveted Summer freedom. However it doesn’t have to be that bad if you plan it right and in the long run it will pay off education wise.

There are different Summer sessions that range from six to twelve weeks, so that they don’t take up your whole, entire Summer break. And knocking out six credits in six weeks can save you a whole semester later in your college years, which isn’t such a bad idea. Summer classes can also be a life saver if you fail a class in Fall or Spring and need to retake it in order to get into other classes, you can stay on track by retaking it during Summer and still be where you need to be for the next Fall semester.

At many schools, especially here in Florida, taking a Summer session can actually be a lot of fun. More students stay at college over Summer than you would think; this means that all the parties still happen but with less classes being taken and less worries to be had. I have never stayed for Summer but I hear that it can be the time of your life if you do. Fourth of July parties at college are also a huge thing and are tons of fun. So getting classes done while still having a great Summer? I don’t think it’s such a bad idea!