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6 Things You Need to Know Before Heading to College

July 21, 2015

Summer has been flying by and the next thing you know you'll be packing up your stuff to head off to college. You've already picked your college and gotten your dorm assignment, but before you get going here are a few things you need to know:

1. Pay Attention to Your Spending Habits

If you haven't had to live on a budget before, you should start paying attention to how much money you spend and what you spend it on. Talk to your parents and see how much they will be able to contribute and then figure out if you need to apply for a part-time job when you get to school. Don't overlook coupons, Groupon, and Living Social. Another great way to cut costs is to purchase used textbooks or to rent them. Sites like Amazon, Chegg, Bigwords, etc. are all helpful.

2. Downsize

There's no way you'll be able to fit everything you want in your dorm room. Start a list about the things you need to take with you and then go from there. You'll most likely go home during breaks so you can always bring more with you or swap stuff out if needed.

3. Learn How to do Laundry

If you don't already know how to do laundry it's time to learn. Since you'll be downsizing your closet you don't want to accidentally shrink or stain your clothes!

4. Practice Time Management

Ask anyone who has been to college about their freshman year, and they will almost always tell you they slept a lot and missed a bunch of classes. If you like to sleep in, then try to pick classes that start later in the day. Be realistic about what you can take on course-load wise, and then keep a calendar so you can stay on top of all your assignments.

5. Create a Resume

You've got game-changing years ahead of you and you should take full advantage. Don't wait until your junior or senior year to create a LinkedIn and a resume. Start working on one now, and keep it up throughout college so that when you're ready to start on your career path, you'll have all the tools needed.

6. Network

College is a great time to make lasting relationships. Don’t settle in and nest, put yourself out there and go to as many networking events as possible.

What else have you been doing to prepare for college? Let me know in the comments!