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5 Types of Spring Break Trips to Look Forward to In College

What is a college student’s favorite holiday next to The Day Financial Aid Hits the Bank Accounts? The weeklong holiday of Spring Break. Every year, college students flash their new beer bellies and post-Freshman 15 bodies in swimsuits and flaunt their new adulthood by making poor decisions with money they’ve barely earned. Seniors, start saving up for your freshman year spring break getaway now.

1. The Family Trip

The family trip may cause eye rolls from the new adult in you being treated like a kid again and cringing from all of the matching T-shirts and photo-ops, but you will want for naught with Mom and Dad footing the bill. The food, the hotel, the fancy drinks with the umbrellas all on their tab: what could be better? Don’t worry about the fact that you couldn’t afford the trip to South Padre with your best friends. You’ll come back to school just as tan, without any moral or financial regrets.

2. The Beach Vacation Abroad

You don’t know the language, you don’t get the currency and everyone treats you like a dumb tourist, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Spring break on the beaches on Mexico, the Bahamas, or wherever else you can round up a group of college kids with savings to drop on airfare offers the perfect escape from midterms. In fact, “midterms” probably doesn’t even translate where you’ll be sipping frozen drinks and getting sunburned. The wild stories you’ll have to tell when you get back will make up for having to pinch pennies the rest of the year. Who else can say they met a cab driver who claimed to be Anderson Cooper’s secret boyfriend?

The Road Trip

To make this trip work you’ll need a driver, a navigator, a DJ and a snack distributor. Some of these jobs can be condensed, but don’t be afraid to pack in the car like roommates in a portable dorm room; the more people, the better to play road trip games with. Whether you have a destination or you’re in it for the journey, road trips will bond you and your friends together, through the fun but also through sheer compact space. Just pray your bonding moments happen through discovering new sights and not through the crisis of a flat tire with no spare.

The Lakehouse Getaway

Depending on location, you might not get the warm weather and tan you wanted out of this spring break trip, but you’ll get to hang out with all of your best friends away from responsibility. Cabin fever sounds like the stuff of horror movies, but can also inspire some adventures you’d never think of with the luxury of an all-inclusive resort. No parents can tell you when to be home, just like college, but unlike college, no one can tell you that you have two papers and three quizzes next week. Those papers and quizzes will still be there when you get back, but the sounds of nature and your friends excitedly plotting something new for your leisurely day will drown out any stress.

The Hometown Staycation

Do not fear if your funds or parentals have prevented you from going out of town this spring break. A hometown staycation might be the most underrated destination of all. Like the family trip, your parents front all costs, plus you have the comfort of your own bed, your own shower, and all of your friends that got stuck at home too. Save up for next year, but enjoy the time you have now to be waited on hand and foot by your parents that miss you dearly enough to overlook the fact that you’ve cleaned out their entire refrigerator.