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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose UF: A Student's Perspective

You've been given so much advice from parents, teachers, and advisors about how and why you should be choosing a college. U See It wants to welcome guest blogger, Jon High, to give you some insights from a student's perspective. Stay tuned for more guest blogs from other Florida College On-Campus Specialists! 

Guest blogger, Jon High helps us understand why he made the decision to attend UF.

Notice that the title doesn't read “Why I chose UF”. I wasn't one of those die-hard Gator fans who only bled orange and blue growing up and prayed to the all-mighty Tebow. In reality, I was reluctant to attend UF – my dream school was Boston University; but at a yearly tuition of $60,000 I was only able to attend BU in my dreams. So, instead of paying off student loans well into my thirties, I decided to bite the bullet and get paid to attend UF.

In retrospect, I was an idiot to even contemplate selling my lung and kidney in order to afford BU because these past three years at UF have been the craziest, most rewarding, fun three years of my life. As a non-believer turned into a Gator faithful, I believe that my bias runs thin, so I can confidently say that you should choose UF for these three reasons (and many more): 

1. The people

I’m a firm believer that people make the place. I know I can probably say this about any college campus, but there’s something special about the people at UF (must be in the Gatorade). Whether it be sports, fraternities and sororities, student government, or any of the numerous clubs that are available, everyone really immerses themselves in what they do at UF. I think that the selling point here is that no matter what you choose to undertake while at UF, you will find people who are passionate about what they do and who are eager to share that with other people. Indubitably, you will make some of your best friends for life while at UF.

2. The sports

This is a given, but it's so necessary that I had to include it. The game-day atmosphere at UF during football season is unrivaled. You would struggle to find a single person who isn’t outside and enjoying him/herself on a game-day. Football season at UF is so memorable that it has become standard for seniors to extend their graduation date just so they can enjoy one more season in the fall. Every single person at UF lives for game-days. The energy you feel once you step inside the legendary Swamp is a suitable substitute for a defibrillator. (Disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to extend your graduation date…but one more football season might be worth it!)

3. The area

I know many people would most likely put academics as their third reason, and it is well warranted; however, the areas surrounding UF are all hidden gems in their own ways. Gainesville is home to, by far, some of the best restaurants that reside near a Florida college campus. If you have the willpower to resist the temptation of fast food (2 a.m. excluded) you will find healthy, fresh and delectable meals wherever you look. And when you’re looking for a bar to wash those meals down, look no further than downtown Gainesville or MidTown. Downtown Gainesville boasts copious amounts of cool bars that will never leave you bored and MidTown hosts all of your typical college bars. 

UF is the place for you. Come join a long list of distinguished Gators!