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3 Reasons to Choose USF: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Matt Brunswick points out the top 3 reasons he chose USF. 

I had conflicting feelings when I was trying to decide where I wanted to go to college. In reality, I had no idea what I wanted. I just knew I needed some sort of change. Everything I knew about college was from watching movies and TV. I didn't come to a decision easily, but I knew no matter where I ended up I would make it work for me. It took me until March of my senior year to decide to attend USF. Here's what helped me decide to be a Bull:

1. Location

Tampa reminded me so much of my home town of Fort Lauderdale. It had the city, beautiful beaches, diversity, and gorgeous nature all within driving distance of the campus. It’s close enough that I can drive home on long weekends, but far enough that my parents can't just show up whenever they feel like it. Not to mention the city has so many job opportunities.

2. Research

USF is one of the few public research universities in Florida. This means that USF directly impacts the community, whether it’s searching for cures for diseases or tracking spending habits of consumers. As a young person you have the opportunity to really make a difference.

3. Campus Feel

Do some things ever just feel right to you? You can't explain what it is, but it just feels right. That's how I felt when I first walked onto the USF campus. I was able to see myself there and that’s the biggest factor for me. It’s like when you see someone attractive and you just feel drawn to them without really knowing them. It’s a gut feeling that you have to trust. Why do I like USF? It’s a pretty simple answer: “I just do.”

There are so many factors that go into choosing a school. The tricky part is separating the important ones from the irrelevant ones, like choosing a school where all your friends are going or a school that has the best parties. I’m told my college decision may be the biggest decision of my life, and that's why I needed to make this decision on my own.