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3 Reasons to Choose UNF: A Student's Perspective

You've been given so much advice from parents, teachers, and advisors about how and why you should be choosing a college. U See It wants to welcome our first guest blogger, Gloria Turner, to give you some insights from a student's perspective. Stay tuned for more guest blogs from other Florida College On-Campus Specialists! 

Guest blogger, Gloria Turner helps us understand why she made the decision to attend UNF.

1. Swoop Life

Visiting universities was the best way to decided what colleges I would like to attend. While visiting schools I quickly learned what I looked for within a college campus. It is pretty cliche to say that as soon as I stepped on UNF’s campus I knew it could be my home but, it is the truth! Everyone looks for something different and everyone has different preference. It just so happens that UNF was exactly what I was looking for and is now my home.

2. Opportunities

­ One of these my main concerns before attending UNF was that I was going to be bored, that I would have nothing to do with my time. After talking to students who attend the university I realized if you get involved you will never be bored. They also shared that if you chose not to get involved you wouldn’t enjoy your experience, which is true for any university! UNF is home to many clubs. They also have an active student government and Greek life. One of the most appealing factors of UNF is that it is a small university, which means that the class sizes are smaller than most schools. This provides a unique opportunity to have one-­on­-one relationships and conversations with your professors.

3. Location

­UNF is in Jacksonville, the campus is built on a nature preserve and is less than 10 minutes from the beach. I’ve been visiting Jacksonville since I was born so I grew up loving the city. Jacksonville is an extremely large city; however, it really embraces the university and its students. There is always something going on in the city or at its beaches, which provides students with more social options than just the ones provided on campus. UNF’s campus is beautiful and surrounded by trees and nature.