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3 Reasons to Choose UF: A Student's Perspective

U See It wants to welcome guest blogger, Daniela Suarez-Rivero, to give you some insights from a student's perspective. 

1. The Feel of the Campus

Ever since I seriously started thinking about which colleges I wanted to apply/attend, UF was always in my top choices. I first visited UF in April of 2014 and I fell in love. I absolutely loved the feel and atmosphere of the campus. It is quite an old university and seeing the different styles of the buildings is very cool. There is always something going on on-campus at UF and there are so many diverse cultures that you can expose yourself to and learn from.

2. Curriculum/Opportunities

Everyone I know who attends UF says the same thing. It is hard. Quite honestly, I have mixed feelings about that. I’m a little intimidated but at the same time, I am ready and excited to step up and do well. I have always had a go-getter personality and I’m very determined academically. I love challenging myself and I knew that attending UF would give me the most bang for my buck. In addition to great preparation for graduate school/careers, the Gator Nation truly expands all throughout the globe and provides students with connections in many fields, allowing an easier outlet to fantastic research opportunities and jobs.

3. Location

Even though Gainesville is a small city (arguably in the middle of nowhere), it is the pure definition of a “college town”. Surprisingly, there is so much to do in this little city. From driving to Lake  Wauburg or even just going out to eat at Midtown, undergraduate and graduate students always have something to do. As a Fort Lauderdale native, it is far enough yet not too far away from home. My second choice was to attend UNC: Chapel Hill. As opposed to buying a plane ticket to see me, my parents can simply drive up any weekend they please or in case of any emergency.