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3 Reasons to Choose FSU: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Alexis Diaz helps us understand why she made the decision to attend FSU.

1. Family Tradition

Born and bred a seminole I knew I would be attending Florida State University when it came time for college. I have many memories of Florida State from football game parties at my house to visiting my sisters during their experiences at FSU. Growing up it was basically expected that I would attend FSU, and visiting the campus reassured all of my family's requests.

2. The Campus

I remember the first time I stepped on campus I fell in love and knew it was the place for me. Every time I visit, I fall back in love with the campus and its atmosphere. I was always nervous to attend college, but FSU is so welcoming that it now feels like home. This comforting feeling was an important factor I looked for when picking my future school.

3. The Clubs and Organizations

Another factor that led me to choose FSU was the large variety of clubs and organizations that every student is allowed to pursue. Whether I want to join intramural sports or go visit the elderly in nursing homes, I know that there is a place where I will fit in.

From carrying on my family's tradition to doing well academically and joining clubs, I know I will love Florida State.