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3 Reasons to Attend UF: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Matt Kessler helps us understand why he made the decision to attend UF.

My University of Florida experience, like everyone else’s, started with a decision. I chose UF because of the academic stature, extracurricular opportunities, and location.

1. Academic Stature

UF provides me with a premier learning experience within the state of Florida. To me, UF’s facilities, professors, class offerings and extracurricular activities are a perfect balance. The University of Florida campus is beautiful, historic, and spacious.  UF allows me to challenge myself in my coursework, and at the same time maintain a busy personal schedule. I wanted to be a part of a school that strives for excellence, and now a year in, I’m confident that UF is all I’ve wished for academically.

2. Extracurricular Opportunities

 When it comes to extracurricular opportunities, UF has a club or activity for any interest, and if they don’t, starting your own club is as easy as joining an existing one. Further, watching sports at an SEC school cannot be overhyped. I always knew I wanted a school with a huge athletics program, and my first year of school confirmed to me how important a big sports program is to the atmosphere of the school. I also wanted a school with a thriving Greek community, and I found that through Alpha Epsilon Pi at UF. AEPi has brought me more extracurricular opportunities and the social community I looked for when making my college decision.

3. The Location

A major factor in choosing any university is location. For me, the city of Gainesville is the perfect location for me to study. I wanted a place that has experiences to offer me as a student, yet at the same time was really centered around the university. To me, this rules out smaller college towns, and of course big metropolitan areas. When I chose UF, I was choosing a place that really embodied a place that facilitated growth, and a place I was very comfortable calling home for the next 4 years.

I honestly think that when picking a college, there are no wrong answers. If you do some research you’ll easily find the place you’re looking for. My preferences aligned perfectly with what UF has to offer, and I’m thrilled to call myself a Gator.